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2010-05-02 23:13:45 by conundrummer

I made a Zazzle store with some T-Shirts and posters, there isn't much up there yet. I ordered a shirt and a poster to make sure they look okay, so I'll let you know how that turns out. If you buy something I will give you a high five:



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2010-05-13 14:00:59

I like the Crow's feet one but I think it looks a little bit choppy since the bottom is cut straigth. Would have been great if the hands were complete.

conundrummer responds:

Yeah, that's one of the drawbacks to the system they use there. There isn't much I can do about it though. I'm glad you like it :)


2010-05-14 04:08:19

looking good. What's the service charge for posting stuff on zazzle?

conundrummer responds:

Just to get it posted is free, they have a base price that they charge for stuff and then you add what percentage of royalties you want (10% being the bare minimum that they will allow).


2010-07-06 04:58:20

We got drunk and made a song about Street Trash.


2010-07-08 08:32:44

Looks really cool, I'm probably going to buy one when I get some money :)

conundrummer responds:

Awesome! I look forward to it!


2010-09-14 16:59:57

Shirsta re lovely because I like your trippy drawings, paintings, but maybe you could cut them out and than put on the shirt, because that square looks strange.
I hope you understand.
Peace man.

conundrummer responds:

Yeah I totally understand. I might do that with a few of them but for most of my drawings that wouldn't really look very good. I'll give it a try for a couple though. Thanks :)


2010-09-18 15:29:44

deciding which t-shirt to buy is fucking HARD

conundrummer responds:

Hahah, awesome :) I'm gonna upload some more soon too.


2010-10-01 22:16:19

make them cost less! lol ;D

conundrummer responds:

Haha, I would make them free if I could. I haven't even set it up so they can pay me.


2010-10-05 12:36:25

It angers me that you can't afford Sharpies. You need to set up Zazzle so they fucking pay you-- I bought shirts expecting you to get a portion of it... The fact that you didn't makes me really sad. You deserve to be paid, goddamnit.

BTW, if you pull the Crow's Feet shirt up to your belly button, it looks like the ol' thing has its hands down 'yer pants. Good times.

conundrummer responds:

Hahah, that is awesome. I'm glad the shirt is multipurpose. Anyway, I will set up Zazzle to pay me once I've made a few more sells, right now I've only sold four shirts.

Thanks for buying my shirt!