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Ack Ack Ack

2010-04-26 21:33:47 by conundrummer

Hello, sorry I haven't been very active. Things have been pretty busy here with school and some other family related stuff. I haven't been able to draw much at all. My summer semester might be a little more relaxed so I might be able to get some work done. Thanks for all the nice comments, I really appreciate them.

Edit: Also, is there some way to receive alerts when people comment on one of my submissions, or when they reply to a comment I've left for them?

Ack Ack Ack


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2010-04-26 21:35:58

Does this picture represent how you feel?

conundrummer responds:

A little bit.


2010-04-27 02:20:51

Japanese shows are WEIRD!


2010-04-29 18:37:41

NO alerts.

conundrummer responds:

Bummer, oh well, thanks.


2010-05-02 21:22:43

You make some really cool pictures.