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2009-11-25 01:57:34 by conundrummer

Hello everyone. I'm sorry for taking so long to respond to all the comments I received, I uploaded those drawings and then didn't really come back until now. Anyway, I've got more stuff to put up (mostly older) and I'm working on some new things that I'll upload when they are finished. Unfortunately I get most of my drawings done at the weekly Drink and Draws that I attend (which is also why most of the drawings start out detailed and then end up a disheveled mess).



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2009-11-25 03:15:07

apology accepted............


2009-11-25 03:22:51

Dude! I had to make a post about you cause you were so awesome! ws/post/397826

I basically had to tell Tom to send you an Art Portal invite.

conundrummer responds:

Wow, thanks, that's really cool. I appreciate that. I've got some more stuff I'm going to be uploading soon. Thanks again.


2009-11-25 08:16:54

You are fantastic, ond of my favorite artists on here.

conundrummer responds:

Thank you!


2009-11-26 20:14:55



2010-01-09 09:04:27

Your amazing, i reallt enjoy your artwork, you should start selling.


2010-02-09 18:42:31

I love you


2010-02-11 19:57:33

Just dropping by to say I really like your art. One thing though I would like is if your would write the size of your pictures. Just curious :)

conundrummer responds:

I'll be sure to include that information from now on, but pretty much everything I do is in a regular 8½ by 11 inches sketchbook.


2010-02-12 12:07:43

you're my new favorite artist, i love your shit

conundrummer responds:

Hey, thanks! I appreciate it.


2010-02-21 16:03:03

i'm sure your high

conundrummer responds:

I wish! I can't find any drugs here.